Make it e.max®, because it matters

Dental professionals across the globe rave about IPS e.max

After reading all about it, I had to give this stuff a try. I worked with famed ceramist Matt Roberts, CDT, on a tough case—a single central incisor on a patient with parafunctional habits. Mr. Roberts nailed the case using IPS e.max ZirCAD. Granted, he probably would have nailed the case using any material, but I sleep well knowing this material has the strength to function well in the patient’s mouth. Line-drive double to the power alley for Ivoclar Vivadent!

Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD

e.max lithium disilicate is the restorative material I have been waiting for!

Matt Roberts CDT

Having e.max available has completely changed the way I practice. No longer do I have to worry when patients don't want gold in their mouths. I have an esthetic alternative that is strong, durable and flexible in that it can be bonded or cemented. I havent done a PFM in over a year and the success rate of e.max has been nothing short of spectacular.

Dr. Sameer Puri

The e.max product is TERRIFIC and I could not be more pleased with the outcome .Especially for the very first case using it.

Al Fillastre, CDT

e.max and Cerec have totally changed my practice and the way that I look at teeth. It allows for beautiful restorations that are highly esthetic and durable.

Dipesh Sitaram DDS

It's the best! e.max is the most sensational material in esthetic dentistry! The future is today!

Dr. Chrys Morett

e.max has closed the gap between esthetics and durability! I get to enjoy the benefits along with my patients.

Shannon Griffin, DMD

e.max with its characteristics allows me to solve esthetic-functional problems of my patients with great pleasure.

Dr.Korošec Hrvoje DDS (Slovenia)

e.max has provided me an alternative to my patients in "taking dentistry to the next level" and to achieve high quality and highly aesthetic restorations....

Dr. Jose L. Rivera-Zayas

I love the versatility of e.max. I'm especially excited with its application for no prep and partial preparation veneers. The fit is perfect and the esthetics are beautiful!

Dr. Gary Radz

e.max offers the clinician a new level of confidence with its functional performance and aesthetics. It is now my standard for full occlusal coverage posterior restorations

Dr. James Klim

Ivoclar Vivadent changed the industry with Empress. They did it again with E.MAX! I love it!

Dr. Chris Ramsey

e.max fully satisfies my expectations for a bondable ceramic with high strength and outstanding esthetics for both anterior and posterior applications.

Dr. Edward Lowe

I have found e.max to be my restoration of choice over PFM. Its strength and beauty is fantastic. Perfect for everyday dentistry and esthetic cases.

Dr. William "Bo" Bruce

Great esthetics, great fit and strength, easy to work with; what's not to like about this new gift to dentistry!

Jim Fondriest, DDS

Whether fabricated using a dental lab or our E4D in office Ivoclar's e.max provides a restoration with both beauty and strength.

Dr. Sharnell Muir

e.max's combination of strength and esthetics lets me use it for conservative thin veneers or load bearing crowns, in situations of adhesive bonding or conventional cementation. And, it can be fabricated with my CEREC or by my lab. e.max is my versatile 'go-to' material.

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

e.max Press is the ultimate dental ceramic- the esthetics of Empress, the ease and flexibility of a pressable ceramic, and a flexural strength 400 MPa.

Dr. John Sorensen

e.max has revolutionized posterior ceramic dentistry. Finally a durable, strong, esthetic option for the posterior. Ivoclar Vivadent has hit a home run with this product!

Michael Skramstad, DDS

e.max has quickly surpassed zirconia & traditional PFM's as our primary single tooth restoration. e.max virtually eliminates the need for a coping and its monolithic composition makes it the most durable restoration we've ever offered. We've made thousands of restorations with tremendous success!

Utah Valley Dental Lab

e.max is strong, durable and highly esthetic. Our Doctor clients have been ecstatic over the results they can achieve. Their patients love it.

Dickerman Dental Prosthetics

My father and I have cemented over 500 e.max restorations. We have only had one e.max fail, this is because I did not allow for the appropriate porcelain thickness. With the addition of HT e.max blocks we exclusively use e.max as the porcelain of choice in the posterior and anterior. We truly believe this material will change the way ceramics are used in dentistry. I would accept nothing less than e.max in my mouth.

Dr. Adam Kimowitz, DMD

Ivoclar Vivadent pioneered the whole pressed ceramic market when Empress was introduced 20 years ago. Ivoclar has once again changed the game. As an avid CAD / CAM user, e.max is our primary choice of material whether it be LT CAD in the posterior regions, or HT CAD in the anterior regions. We no longer prescribe the other porcelains as we refuse to compromise the strength and aesthetics of our full mouth reconstruction cases. e.max should be THE only material of choice.

Arthur Kwan, DMD

The e.max system has changed the way we do business. e.max Press has taken off like a meteor, and our dentist and patient satisfaction with it is off the charts

Bill Thomas, CDT Smile Science Inc.

IPS e.max Ivoclar Vivadent's Lithium Disilicate has been in my practice wonderful alternative fo full ceramic restorations for not only the anterior, also for posteriors with a great aesthetics results, function and very predictable in a long term work. I've been very satisfied and I stongly recommend it. Gustavo Perdomo, D.M.D. Prosthodontist

Gustavo Perdomo DMD

I find IPS e.max an extremely versatile restoration that meets my aesthetic needs in nearly every clinical situation. I get great results with the HO (High Opacity) ingots in masking old metal post cores and dark teeth. The combination of high flexural strength, conservative preparations and such lifelike aesthetics is a huge bonus.

Dr Andrea Shepperson

I'm seeing chairside milled emax restorations on 4 year recalls now and am absolutely impressed with what I am seeing. My materials choices for cerec used to range from gold to pfm to all ceramic. Now its only gold, emax, and feldspathic or leucite reinforced ceramics. Considering I have only done 2 gold restorations in about 8 months, clearly my e.max has filled a huge void with chairside milled restorations

Armen Mirzayan, DDS