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IPS e.max Smile Story

Andrea L. Hegedus Muskegon, MI

When my niece Alexandrea chipped her front tooth, she was devastated. She has a beautiful natural smile which she takes great pride in. Her broken front tooth was a huge personality conflict for her, especially for someone who loves to smile. Alex is the kind of person who radiates “big beaming hugs” through her eyes and into your heart when she smiles. I knew this was going to be an important element in fixing her broken smile. Her interpersonal communication is attached to her smile. Alex is a Youth Recreational Therapist. Her connection to her patients begins with trust and confidence as well. Also, with everyone in my immediate family being successful dental professionals, and I do mean everyone, it had to be perfect. When I have a situation on my hands that is going to take "all hands on deck," I always choose from the Ivoclar line of products and team of professionals to back me up. I know I can count on any facet of their company to help me. For Miss Alex, I chose E.max press because the kit has a large range of shaded value ingots. When working with a single tooth needing a "perfect match," I need to choose the right background (shaded value ingot) to complete the final look of my smile design pattern. Planning ahead the final value is key! I like to layer in as few incisal powders as possible for a single tooth design with internal stains for added depth and characteristics. Then, to create the perfect match, I like to check the shape, glaze, add natural surface texture and hand polish chair side. Voilà!