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IPS e.max Smile Story

Dr. Jason Olitsky Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Yuli and Tatyana are married with young children. Tatyana came to our practice first while Yuli was finishing his orthodontics to align his teeth into a better position for porcelain veneers. Tatyana had old existing crowns on her central incisors that where hiding discolored preparations. We needed to utilize a ceramic that was strong and also capable of hiding a dark preparation, yet be versatile enough to use for the conservative preparation veneers on her laterals to improve her smile. Yuli had a significant amount of tooth wear prior to his orthodontics and we decided to choose e.max for its esthetics and strength. We treatment planned 10 units of e.max to improve his maxillary teeth in the smile zone and 6 e.max veneers on the lower anterior teeth for esthetic and to control the occlusion. When finished, they were both thrilled with their new e.max smiles!