Make it e.max®, because it matters

Multilink Automix

Multilink is recommended for the cementation of all IPS e.max and IPS Empress restorations in addition to all other restorations. This self-curing luting composite with light-curing option is suitable for the adhesive cementation of indirect restorations.

The “Next Generation” offers all of the same benefits our customers have come to expect from Multilink Automix, including:

  • Strong bond – high immediate bond strengths in both dual- and self-cure situations
  • Universal – the perfect choice for ALL types of restoratives including IPS e.max and zirconia
  • Fast, easy application – streamlined procedure

Multilink Automix

Benefits & Features:

Easier Clean-up
The formula of Multilink Automix has been optimized to further facilitate the clean-up of excess material using the quarter clean-up technique.

Additional Shade
The shade range has been expanded to include a WHITE shade with medium translucency.

Try-in Pastes
Water-soluable glycerine-based try-in pastes are now available to simulate and check the shade effect of the restoration in relation to the chosen Multilink Automix shade.

Excellent Margin Quality
Air Block Liquid Strip enables users to protect the cement line from oxygen exposure during the curing process. This prevents the formation of an inhibition layer and lays the foundation for achieving esthetic restorations with impeccable margins.

Room Temperature Storage
The entire Multilink Automix system pack can now be stored at room temperature due to the optimization of the Multilink Automix formula.

Cementation of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, endodontic posts) made of:

  • Metal and metal-ceramic (PFM)
  • All-ceramics (silicate)
  • Reinforced all-ceramics (zirconium and aluminium oxide)
  • Composites and fibre-reinforced composites (FRC)