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IPS e.max Press Abutment Solutions

IPS e.max Press now also allows you to fabricate implant-supported hybrid restorations – by combining a titanium base (Ti base) with the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) from Ivoclar Vivadent. This product is available in hybrid abutments and hybrid abutment crowns.

Hybrid Abutment

Hybrid Abutment

In addition to an optimum design of the emergence profile, the individually fabricated, tooth-coloured abutment features a long-lasting esthetic appearance, even in cases of gingiva recession. Given the fluorescence of the LS2 glass-ceramic in conjunction with individual characterizations, a lifelike appearance is achieved. The seating of hybrid abutments is facilitated as a result of their geometry, and excess cementation material can be easily removed.

Hybrid Abutment Crown

Hybrid Abutment Crown

A hybrid abutment crown is an abutment and a monolithic crown in one. This is an efficient two-in-one solution, which is directly luted to a Ti base. LS2 glass-ceramics provide for strength, durability and efficiency, particularly in the posterior area. The hybrid abutment crown is screwed onto the implant in the oral cavity – in one piece. Thus, the bothersome task of excess cement removal is a thing of the past. Subsequently, the screw access channel is sealed with a composite material (e.g. Tetric EvoCeram). If required, access to the screw channel is possible at any time.


  • Pressed hybrid abutment solutions from your laboratory
  • High, lasting esthetics, also in cases of gingiva recession, thanks to tooth-coloured hybrid abutments
  • Hybrid abutment crowns (two-in-one) for function, efficiency and access to the screw at any time
  • Excellent bond strength between LS2 and the Ti base achieved with Multilink Hybrid Abutment


An optimum biocompatibility is decisive for a durable and successful material used in conjunction with abutments and implant-supported restorations. Numerous studies carried out over many years confirm the good biocompatibility of IPS e.max Press (LS2) glass-ceramic with the oral soft tissue.